We started Blueberry because have experience in business, design, development and even launching beautiful robust mobile applications. As experienced business owners, we believe there should be an alternative to the banking of the past. We are focused on solving problems, rather than selling financial products as we see the current banking industry and agree that it needs to change. This is why created an FDIC-insured checking account with no fees, and easy to use budgeting tools.

As business owners we understand the importance of reviewing customer feedback so that we can constantly improve our business. We are a company that thinks ahead about our customers and offer customer service support in both forms; Artificial Intelligence Chatbot and live human support. We are constantly building our team at Blueberry, which means hiring the right developers, designers, product managers, software testers and helping them to thrive here. Our team consists of a diverse group of people to make better product decisions as we will constantly continue to evolve Blueberry.